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Enlightened by this new information, I now feel comfortable in knowing where I belong on the stellar charts as well as satisfited in no longer wanting to view my so called horoscope. Dec 9 I feel violated that I never found this out before Well I would love to know about my personality traits post them in if you can. I'm December the 9th and just found out the other day what my true sign was. A weird situation happened to me 4 months ago I actually bought the crossing snakes pendent I felt drawn to it for some reason so I bought it as a charm or protection.

Now when I saw my true sign which I found out yesterday. It was the same Serpent sigh coincident or fate? I was born Decemeber 17 and 31 years later my newphew was born on the same day. I was made redundant, i'm a educated person and cannot find work I actually discovered this several years ago after stumbling across a book in a shop before I had money to buy it, unfortunately.

I did read the general description of traits outlined in the book, and remember thinking at the time how accurate it seemed, as opposed to the typical Sagittarian traits that I had read previously. I wish I could remember what the book said, or what it was called. If anyone knows of any resource describing the Opiuch Some of you are asking what are the traits of Ophiuchus.

Guys here is the problem - I always thought I was scorpion and when I read about it I felt that it indeed reflects me. Do you see the problem? It's our human mind and vaguely written description of each sign that it makes sense to whoever reads it if they believe in it. I sometimes feel that nothing is written about us humans. We write our own destiny. If it all could be predicted why don't we humans have babies in a particular sign just so that we are compatible I am sure someone somewhere surely did that Why don't we just marry blindy based on signs without any courtship period?

I know its tempting to know about Ophiuchus but people it will be just another vaguely written text which we will start believing in. This is beacause we humans always want to belong to something Here is some more provocative food for thought from www. A press release by The Royal Astronomical Society claimed the whole basis of astrology was flawed, saying there were thirteen, not twelve zodiac signs.

In fact, astrologers have known about Ophiuchus for thousands of centuries, as they have of the many other constellations that exist, such as Hercules and Pegasus. Ophiuchus viewed from the Earth is quite close to the Sun's apparent path, but no constellation is a sign of the zodiac. With regard to the twelve zodiac signs, these start from the Sun's position on the first day of the Northern Spring called the first point of Aries.

Although each of the twelve zodiac signs from Aries to Pisces are divided into 30 degree units and named after a nearby constellation, each's meaning is not dependent on that constellation. Therefore those who believe in astrology can continue to do so with total confidence. My comments: No matter what you call a time of year, or a constellation [different cultures name patterns in the sky differently] that correllates with that time of year, the planets are still in whatever pattern they have at your birth, and the constellations do shift their pattern in thousands of years.

The current discrepancy over the last years, between Signs and constellations, is about 27 degrees. BUT, if you compare the Easterner's Sidereal interpretation of a constellation, with the Westerner's interpretation of the correllating time-of-year Sign, you will find similarities. Afterall, they are both interpreting the same piece of sky! As astrology, gets more researched, we will find less to disagree about, or be ignorant of.

Happily on the Quest, best to you all! Ophiuchus the 13th sign. Thank the dear lord it has come to light.. However in my charts when born I have many scorpion symbols however never felt i truly belonged to either sign..

Uranus Retrograde Actually Makes You a Better Person by 2020

Thank you for opening my eyes to the 13th sign where I belong and please tell me where I can find more information on this news. Open the worlds eyes please and spread the news that there is another sign and I know I fall under it for sure.

AQUARIUS January 20–February 18

For I fear no snakes, always helped others etc. Please send me authors names I would love to read their books.


Sincerely, Happy as a pig in Poop!.. Since I an an Ophiuchus, which other sign best works best with me? Am I still considered a fire sign, what am I now? Thank you.. What are the traits of this Serpant holder and who is it compatible with? I am now a Serpant Holder and my husband is now a Taurus! Who in the HELL would want to have there kid born in that kind of a sign?

Who would ever want to be a Serpent Wrestler? Sagittarius didnt even fit me. Scorpio did though. Id rather be that than a "Serpentbearer". Our personal signs have not changed at all, but that we are now experiencing astrological changes is more proof that we are evolving, and NEW BIRTHS will be affected by this change. Our evolution, or change and growth, is not only a physical anomaly; it also extends through our consciousness and spirituality.

We have some among us that can create matter from consciousness; we are seeing this increasingly now. We are seeing more children with abilities to see and do things on the paranormal level: Extra Sensory Perception. Our, as we call it, intuition seems to be more predominant now than in earlier times of mankind. We are beginning to accept that more people can see things, sense things, and do things in ways that can only be referred to as supernatural. Our awareness is expanding and we are seeing more changes within ourselves as a result.

We are becoming more in tune with our bodies, our consciousness, and our spirituality.

Planetary Row

Yes, we ARE affected by the stars and universe around us as well as the gravitational tides of pull on us. We are also seeing what some call Indigo and Crystal children appearing, and this must have to do with the astrological change we are witnessing. I am a Sagittarius, and I have always thought I had almost every trait of a Sagittarius.

Now I hear that I am Ophiuchus, and I dont know much about it. I hear it means I am a "healer".

How long has our Sun traveled through Ophiuchus? Surely it was before the millennium, right? I prefer accuracy.

Feel free to respond if you know what year it started! I believe that you have no new knowledge to say about horoscopes these days as everything has been written. Now you have to come up with "new" news and writings therefore a new zodiac sign has been created. I will continue to stick to the old thank you very much! So as with any person who has a sun sign has a rising sign and a moon sign too, so a person born as an ophiuchus which the name sounds totally dumb what would their moon and rising signs be?

Also I just want to point out when you read your full chart you will come to realize your personality is every sign in the zodiac what is your pluto, your neptune, your venus, and your mars what is your blue moon. Our characteristics are within all of these. This is bull how could this be true!!! Whats Ophiuchus i cant even pronounce the word!!?? Whats do i belong to earth , water, fire or air? Will they add a 13th month for us to fit!! I need to know more and more it's crazy? To all the people below who are freaking out The dates i.

People shouldn't get up in arms about this or blame anyone for it. The constellation has always been there, astrologers ignored it. I think astrologers should take an astronomy class or two. But what's done is done. My biggest disappointment though is that I can't find a horoscope that has the sign so I feel left out. I've searched everywhere online for traits and haven't found a thing. At least you found something!

Where did you find yours? Please, provide a link for all of us. I for one will really apprecite it. I wonder if this sign is fire, earth, water, air? Does anybody know? Also, does anybody have a good book to recommend or other source for researching more about our new sun sign especially on the traits, personality, both positive and negative? Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thank you, my fellow Ophichiusians for your reply s in advance. Kristin A Ashcom.

Well, I'm also intrigued by this sign and wish to correct your reason why it is not yet accepted "Thirteen can not be split into smaller equal groups Earth, Fire, Water and Air " First there's no reason not to incorporate it into a tropical system of thirteen equal parts , but.. Our calendar might have to be changed to a lunar calendar of thirteen moonths each of 28 days. And it so happens that each season is thirteen weeks long.. And such a calendar would allow for a repeating calendar in which the week days alway fall on the same date.. This could lead the way for a reform of re naming of days to suite a global culture rather than a European culture..

For instance imaging each day of the year having its own name! Let's fanticize for a moment if each moonth of 28 days was dedicated to one of thirteen cultures and the 28 days assigned to mythical beings of that culture. Someone from back in the day may even come back into your life, and if so, make sure that the things that broke you up are truly different before you go making the same mistakes twice. Relationships that have outlived their purpose are likely to get really uncomfortable, and not allow the good ones to deepen. Get ready for the feels, Leo!

The full moon on the 1st is a call to do some serious reflection. Not all of your emotions need to be shared with others: Find cathartic ways of expressing and exploring your feels before you bring them to others this month.

In astrology, fun, sex, play, and creativity are all found in the same sector as we find procreation. This is because all of these things are about what gives you life.

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Commit yourself to a creative practice this month, whether that means singing more in the shower, getting creative with how you parent, or actually setting aside the time to write or paint. The more that your actions reinforce what gives you joy and meaning, the more inspiring it is to be alive. Saturn has moved into heavy-handed Capricorn, and you may be feeling weirdly drawn to being alone while totally wanting to be closer to others. Be true to yourself, even if it means having to change how you participate in your relationships. Try to really give your partner the space to show you what makes them amazing.

When it comes to many parts of your life, being a stickler for getting little details right can be a huge strength. If you're giving a presentation at work or school, for example, making sure that everything is prepared demonstrates your abilities. But in a relationship, this kind of demand for getting everything right can be a problem.

As a Libra, you can have a really pleasant personality, and probably aren't one to pick fights with your partner. While this kind of avoidance can make you less likely to get into a yelling match in your relationship, it isn't always a healthy thing. If you regularly find yourself being hesitant to bring up something that's bothering you with your partner, try to rethink the way that you deal with conflict.


January 4 Zodiac - Full Horoscope Personality

Although taking the quieter route might seem easier, it will really benefit you to bring up issues as they arise and face them head on. It's definitely normal to want your partner to stay committed to you throughout your relationship. But as a Scorpio, you might fall into a pattern of taking this impulse to an extreme. Though Scorpio was born to lead, they should be mindful of being too controlling, Montufar says. Being scared that your partner might stop loving you or decide to end your relationship can cause you to smother them a bit. In the early days of dating someone, every touch, word, and moment can feel electric.

As a relationship progresses , however, some of this spark can calm down a little bit. As a Sagittarius, you might find yourself feeling an itch to find someone new after you hit a certain point in each relationship. But if you're devoted to your partner, you can fight this impulse and break the pattern. Keep things interested by trying new activities with your partner and switching things up in the bedroom, she says. As a Capricorn, this can mean that you insist on always going to the same restaurants, watching the same movie genres, or going to the same place on vacation.